Meet the Foodiephants!

Hello Beautiful Person! I'm thrilled to announce that I met my Kickstarter goal the other day! Thank you to everyone who has pre-purchased their copies or got their foot in the door to own one of the original pieces from the book/animation! If you haven't pledged yet, there's still time to get yours at a slightly reduced price through Kickstarter.

Today, I'm going to present four new letters from the Elephabet book-- and all are food or beverage related words.

We begin with F, which is for Fromagiphant. This comes from fromage, the French word for cheese. I could have gone on and on and on in this category, but limited it to three for now. (Note: the numbers in parentheses after their names is the price I expect to list them at later in the year when they become available.)

Francophant, carrying a nice slice of brie on his back. ($75)

Nacho Cheesiphant ($75)

and Ham& Swissiphant. ($75)

Next up are the two I made for the letter G. These Guacamolephants are inspired by tasty guacamole themes.

This one has the three main ingredients for making guacamole ($75)

And this one has a stone molcajete on its back, ready for action. ($75)

Thirsty? Meet the Quaffiphants! The term quaff means to drink, so I thought I'd honor my favorite beverages.....

We start with Earl Grayiphant ($45)

Moving on to Coffephant ($75) (my little tribute to New York!)

And HotChocliphant ($45)

SixPackiphant $75

Martiniphant, Margaritaphant and Microbrewiphant are all $45 each.

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