Y is for......

Hello again Elephabet fans! I'm excited to finally bring you my letter Y. Are you ready for it? Y is for Yippie-ki-Yayiphant. It's what the cowboys say, dontchaknow?

I made two of these little dogies:
blue bandana with spur and ten gallon hat $150

and a red bandana with a cowboy hat also $150.

I have a second letter completed today - J - which is for Jeansiphant. If you know me, you know that I rarely am seen in public without my blue jeans, so I couldn't resist this one. Note that it's not Blue Jeansiphant, using the B, because I have a much better entry for my B, which I'm finishing up this week. Stay tuned!
(The eyes are rivets, just in case you can't see it here!) The smaller one will be $55 and the larger one will be $75.

There's about 25 days, more or less, in my Kickstarter campaign for the Elephabet Book! Still plenty of time to tell all your friends about it. Although I reached my initial goal in record time, I later realized that there were so many more hardback books ordered than I initially anticipated, so I am now trying to double my initial Kickstarter goal in order to get a larger quantity of these books at a better price. This will insure that I can keep the retail price the same later, but you only get free shipping, the set of buttons, early notice of the original artwork going on sale, AND my eternal gratitude if you pre-order now! Thanks, friends, for helping me spread the gospel that is Elephabet.

(Oh, and one last thing before I go. I also decided that for all Portland residents, I will personally deliver your Kickstarter pledges wearing my bunny suit. Yippie-ki-YAY!)

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