a Kingfisher on a Kettledrum

Ready for bird #8? I hear you nodding!
It's a Kingfisher standing on a kettledrum. You'll see that my original poem had him playing a kazoo, and although I like the poem a lot, I didn't want to mess up the beautiful shape of this bird by having to bring its wings forward to play a tiny kazoo. 

So I guess I have to work on the revised poem, but I'm hoping I can still work the name Kalamazoo in there!

 Apparently, this breed can come in a wide variety of colors, but I chose this nice photo of common Kindfisher, with a tealy blue and rust colored one to work from.

 I love the subtle dot markings on the bird

 I'll be back tomorrow with bird #9!  Seems like the fundraising is getting close to hitting the 60% mark. Hopefully we can get a surge of bird lovers this week and make this book happen! If this bird has worked its way into your heart, you can grab it now or pledge at any level by clicking here. Thanks!
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