Are you ready to RUMBLE???

Hello Beautiful People!  
Here we go on our whirlwind postapalooza......turns out I wasn't halfway done, but have 14 cats left to finish up for the book. As planned, I was able to construct all of them last week and am still on schedule to paint them all before the Kickstarter campaign ends a week from tomorrow! 

 X is for Xander,
a staunch super-fan.
His XXL T-shirt
showed his favorite rock band.
I was originally going to do a logo on this kitty's t-shirt for the awesome Cat Power, but then the idea came to me to do a band parody instead. 

It didn't come out in the photo I took with my phone, but in the book, you'll see that Xander has a very subtle fur pattern painted on the black areas.  
It was fun making this piece--found a nice big block of wood to make this chunky figure: 

To make sure the cat heads on the shirt were uniform, I cut out a tiny paper template: 

 This cat is named for Xander Kostroma, a young designer from Wales who is best known for his ethical and fair trade awareness within the fashion world. 

 Short and sweet post because there's work to do!  Thanks again for all your support of this Kickstarter campaign! If you haven't pledged yet, what are you waiting for?  Click here to get these posts sent directly to your inbox, plus get an advance copy of the book sent directly to your doorstep at a great price!!  

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