P, D and Z

Hey Beautiful People!
Sunday's always been my favorite day of the week. Mostly because it's such a peaceful day and even though I usually get a little work done on that day, I don't feel the same kind of pressure that I do on other days to accomplish anything. Well, on this particular Sunday, I am excited to release three more of our furry friends, which feels like a BIG accomplishment for the day. 

 P is for Pierre,
whose unique pedigree
includes pirates and poodles.
(that's the truth, mon cherie!)
P! A Pussy who Proudly Pairs a Pirate Hat and a Poodle Skirt!

 P is named for French designer Pierre Cardin, known for some pretty avant garde designs that I LOVE.  

 the white fur has a very subtle off-white painted on top, to emulate the long fur found on a Persian cat.

 Moving on to D now..... 

 D is for Donna,
whose old dungarees
still fit pretty good,
though worn out at the knees.
Donna is named for another fashion designer with a long career behind her-- Donna Karan

 My studio process shots for this one are kind of boring, so I'll just jump right into showing you the finished piece. 

 Donna is a Devon Rex, which is a cat breed that comes in a lot of colors, but all have a very angular face and big eyes.  I came up with the t-shirt slogan to honor a rare but notable 70's shirt that's been on my mind recently after reading this article in the New York Times. Is this too obscure for the book? No. That's what the glossary is for! Gotta raise a new generation somehow.
Last, but not least, we have our Z cat: 

Z is for Zac,
whose pinstripe zoot suit
made him look super cool
(Don't you dare call him cute!)
Not sure I like this rhyme, so don't be surprised if it's evolved by the time I send the book to print.  I really like the figure though! It was a big challenge painting those pinstripes so they didn't look wonky (I should cut back on my caffeine consumption maybe?) 

 Looks like the hat could use a little more shaping as well....
Zac is named for the young and adorable Zac Posen, by the way......

 So now we have three more cats left and I am well on my way to finishing them and will come back in two days to present the H, T, and R that will conclude the book! And then early Wednesday, the whole Kickstarter campaign officially ends.  Woohoo! 
Thank you all again for your support in helping me bring this book to life in record time!
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