Give me an E! Give me an I!

Hello Beautiful People and happy Caturday!
Here's a quick post about my two latest characters: 
 E is for Edith,
who impressed all the vets,
by showing up in her
golden epaulettes.
E is named for two different fashion icons--designer Edith Head.....
 And Little Edie Beale, fashion icon from the classic film Grey Gardens.
 Edith is also from a pretty cool E breed of cats called an Egyptian Mau 
 Although there wasn't really a lot of fur visible on my figure, who's in full formal military dress with her golden epaulettes: 
 The letter I proved to not have a lot of competition in the fashion world, but I was happy to discover the Inverness Coat, most famously worn by Sherlock Holmes. Here's my sketchbook page: 
 I is for Issey,
who couldn't help gloat
about his big thrift shop score
of an Inverness coat.
I! an Inexpensive way to look more Interesting!
Issey is named for Japanese designer Issey Miyake, known for his pretty awesome technology-driven fashion styles. Kind of a funny mix to have his namesake wearing a piece of Victorian-era clothing, but I'd also love to see him come up with a modern version of the Inverness coat!
 Here's our gloating Issey: 
 Back soon with more! Have a great weekend!

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