M is for......

M is for Molly,
who thought winters were tough,
until she was given
mukluks and a muff.
I was excited to work on this one! My next door neighbor recently gave me a big basket of maple blocks that were never used in her classroom, and they were the perfect shape for constructing a lot of the body. The muff was made from part of a broom handle. 

Molly is named for fashion icon of my generation in the 1980's, Molly Ringwald. I never adopted her style as my own per se, but I definitely watched Pretty In Pink back in the day, and admire anyone who sews their own clothing, or even adapts found clothing to new styles. Molly was a great role model for girls (and women) setting a standard for finding one's own personal style.  (Side note: Molly crossed over into arthouse film as well--she starred in Cindy Sherman's campy directorial debut Office Killer, and a 2008 documentary called Guest of Cindy Sherman where she had a cameo. Both good! Watch them!!)

I did a bit of research on mukluks-- a soft boot usually made of seal fur and worn by Arctic peoples like the Inuit. I wanted to find the perfect pair to emulate for my kitty, crossing the line between traditional and stylish. Here's what I ended up with: 

 Painted lines indicate fur on the mukluks, muff, and parka hood.

 I even added a tiny bone button detail on the jacket.

 Molly also happens to be a breed of cat that starts with M -- a Maine Coon Cat, a house cat that's double your normal size. 

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