4...3...2...A....and funded (?!?!?)

Hey Beautiful People!
There's still a few hours left in my Kickstarter campaign, but I have a hunch that we've got a card deck on the way. Here's the last update I'll do while the campaign is alive, but don't worry--I'll be back to continue to update you as I spend the rest of the month creating the red cardinal for the seven of spades, the Rainbow Serpent who will adorn the six of clubs, and the majority of the water animals for the heart cards, including seahorse, giant tortoise, beaver, koi (considering changing this....will ask for feedback,) angel fish, ibis, alligator, iguana, otter, penguin, lobster, and kissing fish. 
Here's the last few critters from the diamond suit:
The four of diamonds is the fox, as seen in my video. I want to do a super close-up of the face on the actual card, showing that fur and feathers can be friends.

The three of diamonds is the armadillo shooting photos. 

Our two card is a very girly leopard. 

And the Ace card is one of my classic elephants with a huge pencil on its back. I'm actually considering remaking it so it's elongated--I squished it for the sample card to see how it fit into that rectangular format and would like to continue to play with that with an actual sculpture.

I put together a finalized sample of the uncut sheet to wrap this Kickstarter campaign up. I plan to fine tune each card after the photo shoot, particularly to make sure the suits are all consistently sized, and I'm also thinking they should be a tiny bit smaller. Taking the time to do this mockup is something I've done with my two books and it helps me tremendously as a reference point when doing the daylong photo shoots. (click on image to see it larger)
Thanks to everyone for your financial support of this project, your kind messages of encouragement, feedback of all sorts, participation when I asked for brainstorming assistance, and patience with me as I tackle the technicalities of a new format for my work. This is the fourth summer Kickstarter project I've embarked on and it's really improved my normally solitary studio practice. 
Take care, and I'll check in later in the week and show you some studio scenes as I work on the final fourteen in our menagerie.

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