Hello again beautiful people!
Ready for a few more critters? I thought so.

The nine of diamonds is the knitting sheep. Since I'm not a knitter myself, I asked my friend Kristin to whip up a little sample for the card image. Thanks Kristin!

The eight of diamonds is a happy hiking bear, complete with walking stick. (Valderi, valdera-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha)

The panda plays us a little ditty on the seven of diamonds, accompanied by the accordion playing pig on the six card.

And our friend the gray squirell has made us a tasty apple pie. So sweet.
Don't forget, you can get a high-quality 8x10" print of any of these card images by adding $15 to your current Kickstarter pledge! 
I'll check in again tomorrow before the Kickstarter campaign ends to reveal the final four critters I made for the diamond cards.  Hoping you have a swell Sunday!

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