48 hours and counting.....

Hello Beautiful People!
I'm back again as we wind down this Kickstarter campaign to introduce you to the court cards, otherwise known as the King, Queen, and Jack of Diamonds.

First, we have the triple weiner threat - I will crop out the third weiner in the playing card, but couldn't resist having it in the original sculpture. will be our little secret!

The queen of diamonds is what's been lovingly dubbed by one of my Kickstarter backers as the Magritte cat. I decided to echo the rainbow pattern of the tail in the toenail polish. Here, kitty kitty!

Last, I bring you the badger who will be the Jack of Diamonds. Not much to say about it, except that I love pears.

And, hey, why not also show you the cow I made for the ten card in this suit. I was originally going to put those bunny slippers on the squirrel, but you'll soon see what I did for that figure. I'll be back tomorrow with a few more cards, and then on Monday right before this Kickstarter wraps up, I'll give you the rest of the diamond cards plus the revised uncut sheet that has all but 14 cards designed. If you haven't pledged yet to grab a card deck, the clock is ticking down! And if you have pledged already, don't forget if you want to add on any extra decks, uncut sheets, or prints for the exclusive Kickstarter prices, you need to adjust your pledge in the next few days! 
Thanks everyone for your support!

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