cardinal, serpent, and revised elephant

Hello Beautiful People!
I took a little break from the studio for the past few days, but will make up for lost time this week as I complete the artwork for our deck of cards! I'm just about done with the animals for our heart/water cards, but today I'll catch you up with the few stragglers from our other suits.
First, I have our last bird for the spade cards--a red cardinal who will grace the 7 card. He's on a skateboard and sporting some fashionable attire for his ride.  
The rainbow serpent will complete the clubs/imaginary animal cards. Here's my take on this animal most familiar to Australians.
And last, I have my remake of the elephant for the ace of diamonds. I mentioned before that my original elephant was too horizontally-oriented for my tastes, so I remade it with a more upright position and accessory. Rather than a pencil, he'll have a flying fish sushi roll on his back. Look out for the pencil in one of the remaining dozen cards I'll release in the next week.
Back soon with the hearts!

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