R! A Raven with a Recorder!

Hello again Beautiful People!
I'm back with bird #10.....the Raven with a recorder.....AND with great news! As a result of an email and Facebook blast, we're now a mere $1265 away from funding Alphabird! Fingers crossed that there are still a few people out there who like the thrill of waiting for the last minute. If you have been thinking about any of your friends when you've seen any of my updates, now is the time to let them know about Alphabird on Kickstarter! 
Here's my sketchbook page for the letter R:

 R is for Rosco,
an avid sports fan.
His rocking recorder
led the team's marching band.

This bird is a perfect example of why I need to hire a professional photographer for this project. Black is one of those colors that can easily confound the camera, and I haven't made matters any easier with my subtle black on black feather patterning.

 It was a lot of fun making this bird and his band outfit.

 Thanks to everyone who has supported my project in the past few weeks! I'll be back tomorrow with bird #11.
And....just in case you need a reminder about the difference between ravens and's a little video made just for you.
take care,

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