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Hello Beautiful People!
I'm back again with bird number 12. But first, an update on the progress of Alphabird. As I write this, we're a mere one hundred and fifteen smackers from reaching our goal with less than 48 hours to go. Woohoo! I think we're gonna make it!
So on with the program......there weren't a lot of birds or instruments that start with the letter U, but fortunately, there was an exceptionally clear set of choices here-- the Umbrellabird with a ukelele. As a native Oregonian, I'm frequently told I'm not supposed to own one, but I proudly sport my Barbara Kruger bumbershoot every year. And who could resist a bird who's naturally coiffed like Elvis?  I also couldn't resist choosing a ukelele because it's one of the sweetest sounds around. So.....U is Unanimously for Umbrellabird!

U is for Ullie
who tuned his strings daily
while trying to master
slack-key ukelele.

Both males and females have a long, inflatable (!!!) wattle on their neck, which serves to amplify their loud, booming calls. The males extend their wattles to attract the females. Some birds have red wattles, but I chose to stick with an all black-bird again. 

 I painted the feathers on the wattle of my bird, but I'm honestly tempted to go back in and figure out a way I can do some dimensional layering like the illustration. I'm still pretty pleased with my cowboy-booted Umbrellabird. 

 So......I promise you one more bird before the Kickstarter ends. And it's gonna be a good one.
Thanks everyone for your support of the project! Here's a great wattle shot of our new friend the Umbrellabird.
take care,

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