W is for Woodpecker!

Hello Beautiful People!
It's time to show you my favorite bird thus far--the woodpecker playing a washboard! I used my favorite variety of woodpecker as the model: the Flicker. I made my first Flicker about 13 years ago when I was one of six Oregon artists asked to make an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree with a bird native to my state. I had just bought my house and saw a Flicker using a dead tree on the property as his own personal bug cafeteria, so that's the one I chose. You'll also see a dapper Flicker in my playing card deck! I was happy to reprise him again, but with even more detail than ever before.

W is for Wilbur
whose washboard solo
had the warblers two-steppin'
and begging for more.

 I had a great time working on the details in this piece like the washboard:

 and his fancy boots:

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