I'd rather be a penguin than a snail.....

Hello Beautiful People!

Did you think I'd forget you today with my update for Alphabird? Even though it's the high holy day of bunnies and exploding peeps and bloody marys and rhubarb soup with vanilla ice cream, I would never ever forget you.

 P is for Pablo
who hailed from Peru.
He loved to play pan flute
in a floral muumuu.
I've been making penguins for years and it's one of my favorites. I believe the first ones I made were matching sets for my nieces for a holiday gift, but I've gone on to make many incarnations over the years. Here's my studio shot of the piece in progress:

 As you may have noticed, I decided to go with a different kind of hat, the black Fedora or bowler-style seen on many men and women from that region. My notes suggested I'd go for a chullo, but I know penguins prefer a classier chapeau.

 Every time I look at this piece, I get El Condor Pasa stuck in my head. Could be worse, right?

 And the way.....Alphabird just hit 100 backers and is less than $700 from its goal. Thank you all so much! Three more days of fundraising, and then a lifetime of bird puns. And believe me, I've already come up with a millennium's worth of hilarious El Condor Pasa lyrics in the past 24 hours. 
And, speaking of birds, here's a sweet Easter photo of me and my Goddaughter Birdie from today. 
take care,

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