How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Extras!

Hello Beautiful People!!!
I'm back to start your weekend off with a few more of the imaginary animals I've been working on for the club cards. You'll see here that my Sasquatch character has moved from being a disco dancer to a basketball superstar. 

The gargoyle figure was a new challenge--I decided he needed to have an open toothy mouth. 

And last, but not least, my jackalope, still jumping over a traffic cone.

I am really excited to announce that I'm really coming down the homestretch with the funding for this Kickstarter project with about $700 to meet my goal with just a little over a week left! Speaking of which, there seems to be some general confusion about adding on additional card decks, uncut sheets or 8x10 prints to your pledges. I wish Kickstarter had a shopping cart feature, but since they don't, I made up this handy guide to getting all the goodies your heart desires! No need to choose another pledge level, especially if you want a handmade piece of art--just add the amount you see here to your current pledge. Please take note if you're an international backer--I am trying to take on some of the costs of shipping outside the U.S., but need to keep it reasonable. If you want extras, you NEED to do it in the next ten days while this Kickstarter campaign is alive. 

Thanks again to all 315 of you who have helped me near my goal! I'll be back on Sunday with the rest of the club critters!

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