Joker Bunnies!!!!!

Hello Beautiful People!!!!!  
I've been working overtime here at Bunny with a Toolbelt Headquarters because I know that showing process equals progress, my version of Form Follows Function.  I did hit the 2/3 mark yesterday on my Kickstarter funding, so fingers crossed I'll meet my goal this month so I can relax into this project a bit more.  More on that later, but I want to introduce you to my newest members of the Bunny with a Toolbelt playing card deck: the Joker Bunnies!  
I decided to revise the two joker figures a little bit from the original sketch so they would be facing each other on the uncut sheet, connecting visually to the butterfly diptych you'll see at the end. So...the bunny with a toolbelt became bunny with a tool. (Oh, the humanity!) Martini bunny stayed the same. more or less. I think you'll agree that it made for a more iconic image--what I'm striving for with each individual card in this deck. I'm even thinking that the final cut of this card might crop off bottom legs entirely and focus on a partial tail/upper torso image similar to the snowy owl card. I hope some of you appreciate this's sounding über nerdy to me as I write this, but I promised you an insider's look, so that's what you get, Beautiful Person!  
Fun Facts: These bunnies are about 3.5 inches high and their claws are made from teeny tiny nails! 
The process shot shows the bunny head and jester hat construction. This was a new challenge for me and I love the way they turned out.  Over the years, I have amassed a rather large collection of found wood objects and other tiny turned wood forms so when I need to make something like, say, a tiny jester hat, I see if I can't rework something I have in my inventory. Wood rings did the trick here--can you see it? The bunny heads shown here were originally made from a wood egg form, but I actually completely remade them later for a larger and slightly more angular shape you see in my photos of the finished pieces.
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO HAS PLEDGED SO FAR!!!!! I am so grateful for those of you who love my artwork and support these projects, send me sweet messages and have helped me spread the word.  The playing card collecting community has been very kind to me as well--this past week I was featured in a Spanish blog and a video review. The life of an artist certainly has its ebbs and flows, and I feel so lucky to be able to have a platform like Kickstarter to help me connect with you. 

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