Yeti approved box update!!

Hello Beautiful People!
I am here with a very important update about the card storage box that will come with the original artwork mounted on top that's part of the $95, $200 and $275 backer reward levels for my Kickstarter campaign! 
I have decided to create a slightly larger box that will now contain TWO decks of cards inside, as well as a space for the fortune telling notes, and a tiny note pad and pencil. There is NO increase in price for this rewardyou just get a better thing at the end, in my humble opinion.
Here's a few more details about this box upgrade:
  • The box is now sectioned off so that the two card decks are on one side, and the other items are in another side. 
  • I modified the box lid so tha, rather than hinges, it now comes completely off--this way, there's less chance that the artwork will come in contact with a tabletop if the box is left open.
  • The bottom will have small feet to elevate it just a tad.
  • You choose your pattern of grass, water or clouds painted on the outside! 

Here's an image of my little mockup of the paper insert that comes with every deck that tells about the fortune telling aspect. The text is not confirmed yet, so I don't recommend you actually read too much of it in the photo--I just wanted to give you a visual on how it will feel. I will print it on a thin linen paper so, if you choose, it can be inserted into the tuck box for easy storage. I'm going to sit down with this once the cards are being printed and make sure it's all-age-appropriate and will keep you posted on the details when I'm ready. For those of you who get the boxes, your inserts will be printed on card stock and stored within the box, as I mentioned above.
Last, but not least, I know I promised you a new release of imaginary critters. Here's my personal favorite, the Yeti. You'll have to wait until the weekend to meet Big Foot, the Dalecarlian Horse, Jackalope, and other friends. I'm beginning to work on the diamond suit now, which will be various land animals. I'll push to be able to show you as many of these completed figures before this Kickstarter campaign ends on July 7!  I'll continue to update you all once the campaign ends, so you can continue to watch my progress. 

Again, I send all of you my love and gratitude for your support of this project! If you haven't pledged yet, this is your chance to grab a deck at over 30% off future retail!

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