the rest of the birds (well, almost)

Hello Beautiful People! Happy Father's Day or Bloomsday, or whatever you're celebrating today!

I have some images of the rest of the bird flock, except that I decided to remake one of our originally planned characters. That's the magpie, who I'll start with here. I do like this figure, but after thinking about the entire card spread, I decided that we already had the blackbird, so I might look for a more colorful bird. I am trying to decide between canary, cardinal, or toucan, so if anyone wants to comment on this post, I'll take it under consideration.

Apparently I didn't take a lot of process shots for this group, but I do have this one of the Hawk under construction. The finished piece is seen grilling some veggie burgers.

I am in love with the quail on the watermelon, and the dodo with the cupcake on its head is sweet too. I'll wait a few days before starting in on that last bird, so stay tuned for that.

I was happy to get another blog mention on LoopCuts, who just launched their own Kickstarter playing card project the other day. Check it out!
Thanks again to all my backers! I'm at 75% with three weeks to go. If you know of anyone in need of a cool playing card deck, you know where to send them!

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