more birds

Hello again, Beautiful People! 
As promised, I'm back to reveal another four of our fine feathered friends from the spade cards for my upcoming Kickstarter-funded (fingers crossed!) Bunny with a Toolbelt playing card deck.
The 9 of spades will be a crow. I was originally going to have it on a skateboard, but opted instead for this pretty pearl necklace. I love the shape of this figure and think it will look stunning on the finished card!

The 3 of spades will be a rollerskating flamingo. 

The queen card will be this pigeon, that I actually made a few years back for a stop action music video for the New Kinetics. So whoever picks this original work will get a double-billed superstar (pun intended!)

Lastly, I'm very happy with the way my rooster turned out. Another chance to use my new tail feather technique I developed for the peacock you saw in my last update. Don't ask me why he's standing on a hamburger--you get to figure out why if you use the deck for storytelling.  

Thanks again to everyone for pledging, adding extras, and helping me spreading the word! I'll be back in a few days with the final group of birds. 

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