Love Poem Contest Entry #7!!

A second entry has come in about my toothy gator and bird piece!

Rosie the carnivorous bird had always found it difficult to find Love
Previous partners just couldn't understand her table manners
Then she met Radi the Alligator, a refined Gentleman
Who it turned out, had impeccable taste.....

Rosie was a Raptor Bird
Radi was an Alligator
When they met it was True Love.....

by Nicola of Murano Silver

Today is the last day you can enter the love poem contest! Click here for the rules. Voting starts tomorrow so check back to have your say on who's the baddest bard in Bunnywood!


  1. Hey Nicola - great to see your entry! Did you find you way here from my blog?

  2. Hi Ruth
    yes I did! It was a great blog post and I couldn't resist a visit :)
    Thanks Lynn
    nic x