Love Poem Contest Entry #2!!

Of Two Penguins And Their Lives To Come
by bottledinsanity

My heart pounds deep inside my chest
As we lock fingers and embrace,
And stand beside each other closely,
Catching glimpses of your face.

We face each other frozen still,
Our gazes locked in icy blue.
My ears are ringing loud and heavy,
Barely hearing your “I do.”

Your lovely face is part obscured
By veils of white and blushes red.
But black and white do suit you, darling,
As do the flowers atop your head.

My turn at last as fears do grow
Inside my heart of hearts this day.
Can I make your days be happy?
Will you always want to stay?

But as I turn with you, the world
Withdraws, and with you at my side,
I know my fears are unfounded
As we lock lips as groom and bride.

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