Love Poem Contest Entry #6!!

Another last minute entry to the love poem contest! This one is about my lovebirds wedding cake topper display stand.

Above the earth high up in our tree

We can see a lot - you and me

Today the sky is a brilliant blue

From where we sit there’s quite a view

Below us standing in black and white

The most touching and romantic sight

Today a bride and groom are wed

Their eyes a-glow as vows are read

As they declare their love is true

All I can do is turn to you

“We’ve made out home up in this tree

I’d love for you to marry me?”

My feathers ruffle upon my chest

As you turn to me and whisper “yes”

Our beaks lock in love so true

As we sit in our tree – just me and you.

by Deanna

This is the last day to enter the love poem contest! Click here for the official rules and then get ready to vote!!

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