Love Poem Contest Entry #4!!

Dear Rainbow Dog, the letter read,
Something's gone wrong inside my head.
Though I'm not saying that it's true
It just may have to do with you

It began, you see, one rainy day,
The winds were strong, the clouds were grey
My windows rattled from the pour,
My mind was blank, my heart was sore

I was thinking of Valentine
I thought he'd be forever mine
He was big and strong and grey
Not unlike that rainy day

But it was not meant to be
He grew fat quite naturally
Till he became more bull than dog,
Weighing me down just like a bog

With him my days were dull and blank
With him my spirit simply sank
One day I sat him down and said
He was booted out the door.

The sun rose above the lawn
Clouds were parting with a yawn

Seven streams of glimmering light
Hoops of colour loop your sides
You leapt across that shimmering field
I knew then that my love was sealed
Inside your little rainbow form
Emerging safely from my storm

by Jared Tong

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