Love Poem Contest Entry #5!!

We have a fifth contender for the coveted $100 prize in our love poem contest. Dannie sent in this witty entry, inspired by the smiling gator.

Oh Bunny bunny!! You're so funny.
I want to enter but do not banter.
Hilary Hilary the gator's wary.
That is my pick and shall I parody or what was that???

Made to brush - my sink's the place.
I love your work and really dream.
A remodel job would have a place for this pair.
Never to ever brush in despair.

There's only a few days left to get into the love poem contest! Click here for details!


  1. I vote for Dannie's poem, entry #5. Who doesn't dream of remodeling their outdated surroundings while brushing their teeth? Those critters' pearly whites were an inspiration for all kinds of things, even the poem!