Love Poem Contest Entry #1!!

This poem reminds me of when I was fortunate enough to go see Gwendolyn Brooks read in New York when I was in college. I love her language and it's hilarious to me that there's a little Bunny with a Toolbelt in that experience.

Bebe saw my Nasty Little Secret figures and was inspired to write this piece:

~Love Poem~

They met on the net

at the place called Et(sy)

'n she said to him

'n he said to her

what do you like

'n she said to him

'n he said to her

I heart you

'n she hearted him

'n then he said lets meet

'n she said lets meet

but little did he know

'n little did she know that

they both had

a nasty little secret

he wrote to her

'n she wrote to him

where’ll we meet

'n he thought

bar n grille

'n she said no

how 'bout the

cafĂ© aujourd’hui

'n he said no

'n he said to her

'n she said to him

let’s think about it

he thought out loud with

an "awwwww . . . ."

'n she thought out loud with

an "ayyyyyyy. . . . . ."

'n then he wrote

'n she wrote

how 'bout Hollywood 'n Vine

'n he said yes

'n she said yes

'n then he said

'n she said

Will you be Mine?

'n he said yes

'n she said yes

but what they both didn’t

know is that they both

had a nasty little secret

Well, she stood at Hollywood 'n Vine

with a crowd gathered round

'n then he came up 'n looked around

'n then he saw

'n then she saw

a plume of white smoke

'n then he knew

'n she knew

there was a nasty little secret

the crowd parted to the right

'n then he saw her

'n she saw him

'n it was love at first sight

even with that nasty little secret


Bebe is also known on Etsy as Peony Street (She's also having a giveaway on her blog, which you can see here.)

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  1. I can hear the melody on the background.... humm, hummmmm, hum