time to vote! which love poem is the very best?

Okay...the final entries are in! And now it's YOUR turn to vote! Below are our seven contestants for the Bunny with a Toolbelt Love Poem Contest!

The way it will work this time is similar to our holiday photo extravaganza--leave a comment in the comments section below the poem you vote for. One vote per person and you have until Friday, February 5 at midnight PST to cast your vote.

Here's a recap of our entries--click the entry number to re-read the poem associated with each image. (Don't forget--you're voting on the poem, not the artwork!!)

Entry #1 (about the Nasty Little Secret figures)

Entry #2 (about the bride and groom penguins!)

Entry #3 (about the sweet squirrel!)

Entry #4 (about the rainbow dog and the bulldog characters from my new movie!)

Entry #5 (regarding the smiling gator with the toothy bird on its back)

Entry #6 (which involves my lovebirds sitting in the pear tree wedding cake topper display stand)

Entry #7 (also about the gator and bird piece from the previous entry)

Thanks everyone--this has been really fun!!