Arfabet is almost paint-ready

Hello Beautiful People!

I'm happy to report that Arfabet is now 88% funded with 17 days to go! (Now I'm only 12% anxious!)

Things have been happening here at Bunny with a Toolbelt headquarters--I'm expecting that tomorrow will wrap up my construction and I can move on to the painting stages on Thursday! Besides passing that major milestone, the best thing about that is that there will be a lot more images to share with you as I hone in on the finishing touches.

Here are a few more studio shots of the newly constructed doggies to keep you satisfied until I post again this weekend in living color!

Uriah the Utonagan with an Udon noodle beehive

Suki the Scottie with great facial hair

Ouija the Otterhound who loves Oysters

Yma the Yorkie who fits inside a Yorkshire Pudding

Xylon the Xoloitzcuintli who rides on a Xouba!

Ravi the Russian Wolfhound who loves Ratatouille

Quentin the Queensland Heeler who loves to Quaff Quince

Vito the Vivacious Vizla who runs through the Vanilla grass

And I remade my Jack Russell Jethro so he could sit at this table with a fork and knife in hand and eat a slice of that humongous Jackfruit!

Again, I would be ever so grateful if you'd help me spread the word about Arfabet  by sharing this on Facebook,  clicking the Facebook "like" button found under my video on the Kickstarter page for this project, or if you prefer human to human contact, send me a private message with your snail mail address and I can give you a little stack of my cute promotional postcards that you to give to all your dog-loving friends! Thank you!!!

Take it to the bridge, Lena!

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