Arfabet on the Kickstarter blog!

My current project Arfabet was featured on the Kickstarter blog as one of their favorite newbies today! Yay! Click here to read it! It's time for my first progress report, as I have three weeks counting down to my photo shoot for the book! If you're new to my Kickstarter campaigns, hello and welcome! If you're a veteran supporter, back from last summer's Elephabet, I'm going to do things a little bit differently this time due to the short time constraints. This time, I've basically designed all of the pieces in advance, will construct them in three big batches, so I can be painting some while the glue dries on others, etc. And then I'll work on the text when things are coming together during the last week of the month. This update will reveal the beginnings of batch one (B through H) that I've been working on in the past few days.

 Before I begin, you have already seen A in my Kickstarter video, right? A is for Astrid the Afghan Hound with an Angel Food Cake.....yadda yadda......

 B will be Bella, a Beagle who loves Bagels
C will be Calder, a Chihuahua Cheese Courier 
D is Daisy, a Dachshund who's shaped like a Dagwood sandwich 
E is for Edsel, an English Bulldog who prefers Earl Grey Tea
 F is for Fifi, a French Poodle who's nutty as a Fruitcake 
G is Gustav, a Gherkin loving Greyhound 
and H is for Homer the Husky who can't get enough of those habanero peppers.
 I'll explain more when I'm ready to show the final pieces. Here's a few studio shots of the work in progress. Thanks again for backing the project and I'll check in again mid-week with the next batch!

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