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Hey Beautiful People!

Well, I'm pleased to announce that my Arfabet Kickstarter campaign has been funded! Woo Hoo!  There's only a little over a week left, but I've set a mini-goal of surpassing the Kickstarter goal by another $2500 so I can do a second printing of Elephabet in large format hardcover and save a ton of money on shipping. Thanks for helping me spread the word in these last few days by forwarding this post onto your dog loving friends!!!

Things have, as anticipated, also been very exciting in the studio as I'm seeing many of these pieces come to completion. Here's a few of the ones that are ready for my photo shoot next week! As you will see, I am varying the scales of these pieces, thinking ahead to the exhibition at Velvet da Vinci Gallery this October.  You won't be able to tell in the book, but it will make for a more dynamic presentation at the gallery for me to think and work in various sizes.

Our fearless husky who eats habanero chili peppers! He's about 10 inches tall.

This Jack Russell is digging into a slice of Jackfruit. He's only about 4 inches high.

The Queensland Heeler about to learn why one would never want to eat a raw quince. This is another smaller piece--4 inches high

This Russian Wolfhound is over a foot tall. He's got the makings for a tasty ratatouille balanced on his back.

The hirsute Scottie Dog has a subtle fur pattern painted all over. (salmon sashimi on her back) This piece is about 11 inches high and over a foot long.

The finale of the book will be this Zuchon (one of the only mixed breeds in the entire book!) leaping over a fancy Zuccotto Cake.

Back in a few days with more updates!! Thanks everyone for your support of this project!!!

And now for your alphabet bonus video:

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