Want six more? You got it!

Hello again Beautiful Person!  Here's six more of the original dogs I made for my upcoming New York Times best seller and Caldecott Prize winner (gotta dream big, right?) Arfabet!

First a mini update--pledges are continuing to trickle in with five days left! Thank you everyone who has supported this project, especially those of you who have bought original work because that's where I make my profit from this campaign.
the Otterhound who loves oysters Rockefeller
(this piece is about 9 inches high)

the Irish Setter who worships ice cream
(the soft serve cone is about 8 inches high)

The truffle-sniffing Taigan
(this piece is about 3 inches high)

The Kumquat fetching Kookierhondje
(this piece is over a foot high)

The beagle who dreams of bagels

This piece is about 8 inches in diameter. He has poppy seed fleas!

And the Dachshund who turned into a Dagwood Sandwich

This piece is around 15 inches long!

Some of these pieces may have some additional tiny details like "parsley" on the Oysters Rockefeller, seeds on that Dagwood, etc. I am working small stuff like this as I near my Wednesday photo shoot and I am hoping to have the time tomorrow to put together a mini update of my design process--today I did my mockup of the book pages so I know all my background colors and how to set up each shot to make room for the text. I'll give you a peek at that, but don't want to give away too much--after the Kickstarter campaign ends this Friday, I'll post some updates in August that show actual pages from the book that will be only visible to people who have already backed the project.  That should tide you over until I can work on the animation and backer rewards!

Thanks again everyone! Hope you're having a lovely day, no matter where in the world you are!
Here's another photo I took on a recent walk with Weegee. This is a composite photo of the view of downtown, taken on the lovely esplanade (path for walkers and bicyclists) that runs a  few mile loop along both banks of the mighty Willamette River here in Portland. It's nice to take a little break from tossing the ball in the local park once in a while.

ps. ready for your alphabet video of the day? of course you are! hit it, Blackalicious!

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