V, G, Y, W, X, and P!!!

Hey Beautiful People! I am just about done with my doggies for Arfabet--starting to think about the other handmade details that will make the pages of the book come alive before my photo shoot on August 1st! Here's six of the finished ones, and I'll come back tomorrow with another six.

Here's the Vizla running through the Vanilla Bean grasses - this piece is about 9 inches tall and a foot long.

The Gherking loving Greyhound - this one is also about 9 inches high.

The Yorkie popping out of the Yorkshire Pudding! This piece is a little under six inches high.

The Whippet, who ate so many waffles, he pees syrup

This piece is about 9 inches high as well.

The Xoloitzcuintli riding the Xouba playing the tuba! This piece is about a foot high.

And, finally, the pug chasing its tail atop a pile of persimmons.

I amended my mini goal for this past week--if I can raise another $2500 above the Kickstarter minimum, I'll put in the additional funds to do a second edition of Elephabet.  Of course, it would be awesome to raise the entire $4k to do the deed, but anything will help! Thank you so much for your support and for helping me spread the word by forwarding this blog posting via email, tweeting, or linking it on Facebook in these last few days of my Kickstarter campaign!! If you haven't signed up yet, click here to see my amazing rewards that get you original dog artwork for a great price! Thank you sooooo much!!

And now for your alphabet video pick of the day!!

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