final seven....plus bonus cutie!!

Hey Beautiful People!! Here I am yet again to show you the final seven doggies for my upcoming book Arfabet!  I am so excited for the photo shoot tomorrow because it's my first REAL chance to see the book as I've been dreaming about it all these months! Photo shoots are exciting and intense - for someone like me who spends a lot of time alone in my studio, and sharing in a somewhat passive way (meaning photos on the internet, as opposed to first hand critiques--very few people have actually seen the finished work at this point! I always feel like a professional photo shoot is my first public presentation of a project.) Plus I just adore my photographer Dan Kvitka, so I promise I'll take some shots of that process and post them in the next few days.

SPECIAL NOTICE FOR KICKSTARTER BACKERS! There are only three days left to adjust your pledge to my campaign, so make sure you don't fall into these common missteps:
1. Do you live overseas and want your reward shipped to an address outside the U.S.? Make sure you add the correct amount for your pledge level in addition to the reward value. Details are explained with each reward.
2. Did you want more than one of my rewards? No problem! What you need to do is tally up the amounts for each reward you want and make sure your pledge amount matches that total, no matter which item you picked. I'll contact you later on to find out exactly what your pledge is for if it's above the normal amount for that item, but the time is NOW to place your order--every pledge level with books or original artwork is offered here for a better price than you will get in the future because I'm using the up-front funds from this pre-sale to cover my production and printing costs. Thanks!!

So without further ado, here are the final seven members of Arfabet:
The Chihuahua cheese courier - it was really fun figuring out what cheese would make this piece work. This is one of the largest pieces in the group--the skateboard alone is around 20 inches long!

The English Bulldog who enjoys a spot of Earl Grey Tea.

The French Poodle - in the book she will be hanging out with some farfalle noodle butterflies.
This piece is about 10 inches high.

This is the Labrador who licked so much she turned into licorice.
This piece is about 3 inches high.

The Mastiff who serves Mai Tais
this piece is about 8 inches high.

Another large piece, this is a Norfolk Terrier who loves nonpareils

Here's the Utonagan who has a udon noodle beehive
It's around a foot high!

And here's the bonus cutie patootie dog! It's Weegee! He'll appear in the title page of the book.

Okay...it's time for me to get back to my preparations for the big day. Three more days until this Kickstarter campaign ends!! Woo hoo! Thank you everyone who has backed this project, and if you're one of those who like to wait until the last minute, the time is now! I'll leave you with this alphabet video to ponder.

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