let them wear paint!

Hello Beautiful People! I'm back, as promised, with an update on the painting of the dog sculptures for Arfabet! I'll get right to the images of the pieces on my workbench right now. I'm nearly done with all the base colors and most pieces are awaiting the detailed painting and/or ears glued on, etc.
Here's the pug who will be chasing its tail atop a pile of persimmons

My Jackfruit, in living color

Scottie is painted black--I plan to add a subtle fur patterning to the body

An array of dogs ready for their markings, eyes, ears, etc.

Another assortment, including the Vizla running through the grasses

Xylon the Xoloitzcuintli riding on the Xouba

a headless Queensland Heeler (keep scrolling to see the soon to be added head!)

the Whippet and the Russian Wolfhound without their more distinctive markings

The dachshund who will eventually be piled high like a Dagwood sandwich's that Queensland Heeler's head biting into a quince

And finally, the licorice lab.

I'm launching into the big final push tomorrow as I prepare for my photo shoot on August 1st so get ready for the fun stuff--I love this part so much!  

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project already - I am only about $100 away from reaching the Kickstarter goal with a dozen days left, so it's looking good in Arfabet land!  Click here to join in on the fun!!

And now for a word from the granddaddy of canine art, William Wegman!

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